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Tee für Hotels fünf Sterne Althaustee Gastronomie

ALTHAUS stands for high-quality tea products in the catering and hotel industry. It combines old tea tradition and high product quality with modern production methods.

From the classic tea bag to the practical pyramid bag to loose tea - each concept covers the individual needs of modern gastronomy and hotel businesses. Tea specialties such as Althaus Limited Leaves or out real brewed iced teas tea products Althaus 1 + 4 Iced Tea Mix guarantee a culinary highlight throughout the year, for each occasion.

Normally, we would like to introduce our new products to you in person, however, the Corona pandemic is currently preventing us from doing so. Therefore, we compiled our latest innovations for you below. We are glad to get a chance to talk to you on the phone until we may visit you, so please be so kind and send us your contact details to info@althaustea.de.


Iced Tea Althaustea Gastronomy


The Althaus 1+4 Iced Tea Mix is an extra strong tea, brewed with five times as much tea. To serve it as an iced tea, simply add 4 parts of water/ice cubes. It only takes seconds. Enjoy Green Tea Wild Peach or Fruit Infusion Watermelon & Mint.

  • Real brewed tea
  • 5 times stronger
  • Make 5l from one pack
  • Easy and quick preparation
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Ginger Breeze Althaustea Gastronomy


The herbal infusion Ginger Breeze combines aromatic ginger and spicy notes of black pepper with the citric freshness of lemongrass and orange peels.

Ingredients: Lemongrass, orange peel, ginger (13.1 %), apple pieces, peppermint, licorice root, sweet blackberry leaves, black pepper

  • 15 pyramid tea bags
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Traudl Alm Herbs Gastronomy

Traudl Alm Herbs

When Traudl starts her way home from the Alm, she finds an incredible variety of local herbs along the footpath: ribwort plantain, burdock root, chamomile blossoms and dandelion, among others. At home, she brews herself a large pot of tea from her finds. This is our cozy feelgood infusion, just to Traudl's taste.

Ingredients: Apple pieces*, ribwort leaves*, apple mint*, lemon balm*, dandelion root*, sweet blackberry leaves*, barley grass*, sage*, lemon verbena*, black currant*, burdock root*, chamomile blossoms*, cornflower petals*

  • From certified organic cultivation.
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Pyra Pack Box Althaustee Gastronomie

Pyra Packs

The Pyra Pack presents a modern and innovative way of enjoying tea. Thanks to the pyramid-shape tea bag, loose tea leaves are provided with plenty of room to develop their full aroma and flavor. Watching the leaves unfold in the transparent bag is part of the ceremony for every tea appreciator.

    • Innovative pyramid bag
    • Ideal for mug portions (0.3 l)
    • Each bag is individually wrapped
Deli Pack Box Althaustee Gastronomie

Deli Packs

Deli Pack – the classic tea bag – offers the perfect preportioned option for a convenient and quick cup of tea. The premium tea is available in many different blends and offers a delicious variety of classics and exciting new compositions. With its short infusion time, drinking Deli Pack tea is always a convenient pleasure.

  • Tea indulgence in its classic form
  • Ideal for cup portions (0.2 l)
  • Bags are individually sealed
  • Accessories are available
Grand Pack Box Althaustee Gastronomie

Grand Packs

The Grand Pack offers tea drinkers the opportunity to enjoy perfectly preportioned loose tea in a pot. The Grand Pack, attached to the pot handle, guarantees convenient and clean application. Inaccurate usage is impossible – just add hot water and watch the tea’s unique flavor unfold.

  • Preportioned loose tea in a Grand Pack
  • Tea delight in a pot portion (0.4 l)
  • Bags are stored in an aluminum-plated aroma box
  • Accessories are available
Loser Tee Dosen auf Ablage Althaustee Gastronomie

Loose Tea

The more than 70 blends of loose tea are best served “à la carte”. In their purest form, the carefully selected teas develop their full aroma – be it in a strainer or paper filter. For tea enthusiasts, allowing the leaves to move around freely and unfold is an absolute must. The matching presentation tins offer a befitting container to store the loose tea.

  • Loose tea in its purest form
  • 65g to 250g bags
  • Accessories are available
Pure Tea Logo Althaustee Gastronomie

Organic tea: loose tea in a stitched pillow bag

PureTea offers only the highest quality organic teas. Both loose teas and loose teas preportioned in stitched pillow bags may be used as an exclusively organic assortment or to complement the ALTHAUS line of teas. As a result, all PureTea products are compatible with the ALTHAUS product displays.

  • Loose tea in an innovative pyramid bag
  • Each bag individually wrapped
  • Loose tea in its purest form

Certified organic cultivation, DE-ÖKO-009

Tea Campus Althaustee Gastronomie

Limited Leaves Tea Collection

With the carefully selected Limited Leaves collection we offer high-end gastronomy rare single-origin teas, which stand out due to their characteristics of taste, typical for their respective provenance and vintage. Small harvest volumes at certified organic tea gardens result in limited availability – so to speak LIMITED LEAVES.

  • Selected tea rarities for high-end gastronomy
  • A well thought-out concept including high-quality accessories and presentation options
  • Serve in style on the matching porcelain of the LIV series
  • For your guests we offer an elaborately designed tea book, with detailed information about the offered varieties




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